About the AANC

If Nutritional and Dietary Consultants are ever to achieve the professional recognition they so justly deserve, they must consolidate their numbers through a strong, professional, organized association.

The American Association of Nutritional Consultants is your professional association combating public ignorance and adverse legislation. The A.A.N.C. is working tirelessly to enhance the prestige and professional status of all its members.

The A.A.N.C. was founded in 1985 to assist nutritional professionals in achieving more recognition through board certification. The A.A.N.C. is dedicated to preserving the right of unlicensed nutritional professionals to provide nutritional education to individuals to improve their overall health and wellbeing. We also seek to avoid legislation that would limit the number of health professionals, or hinder the education of consumers in the vast array of choices available for their healthcare.

When you display the prestigious AANC Membership Certificate on your wall, you make clients, patients, and professional colleagues aware of your commitment to the high standards of professional competence in nutritional counseling, demonstrating your dedication to the cause of good health through nutrition.

As well as the prestige of belonging to a nationally recognized organization, there are many direct, personal and financial benefits to be enjoyed as a member of AANC.


Association Membership ............... $70.00 Annually
Professional Membership ............... $70.00 Annually
Diplomate Membership ............... $70.00 Annually
International Members: Please include an additional $10.00 annually.

Association Membership with AANC is open to all individuals who seek to support AANC and its work by aligning themselves with a prestigious and nationally recognized organization. There are no prerequisites for this membership, as it is designed to allow individuals who are concerned with health freedom to support AANC grassroots effort in the legislative arena.

The AANC Professional Membership is designed for the individual who is currently a practicing nutritional and dietary professional and who wish to receive the prestigious designation of Certified Nutritional Consultant (C.N.C.) through completion of the C.N.C. examination provided by AANC. Professional Membership contributions are tax deductible.

The AANC Diplomate Membership is designed for the individual who has already been awarded the C.N.C. designation through AANC or Trinity School of Natural Health, is currently practicing as a nutritional and dietary professional, and who regularly participates in various forms of continuing education pertaining to his/her profession.

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